THE LOST SPITFIRE is my upcoming novel, set in WWII England and present day Canada.

While visiting an air show in Canada, Anne-Marie sees her son’s unusual middle name scratched in the cockpit of a vintage Spitfire, and she also meets Blake. Their investigation proves that genius designer, R.J.Mitchell, created secret blueprints for a Spitfire-replacement in the year before he lost his life to cancer. However, Anne-Marie’s search alerts a Canadian aviation magnate who needs to bury the act of plagiarism that launched his career. Finding the blueprints will force Anne-Marie to choose between her son’s desire to see them in a museum and her first relationship in a decade, and will expose the truth behind Canada’s most enigmatic fighter plane.

THE LOST SPITFIRE intertwines Anne-Marie’s hunt for the blueprints in 2012 with their wartime experiences in England, as her grandfather protects them, and a daughter who doesn’t know he is her father, from disgruntled employees, a deserter turned German spy, and the rain of fire that was the Battle of Britain.

Watch the Trailer:
The Lost Spitfire

First Flight of the Avro Arrow:
CBC News Footage

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